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Staging 101

Staging is an art. A lot of individuals think that they can stage themselves or with little work, but this is in fact not usually the case. It is first important to understand that there are 2 types of staging. One is from scratch; one is using the homeowners’ current furnishings. Regardless of which you choose, there are 3 keys to staging a space successfully.

Number one: De-Clutter. Your main goal when staging is for a potential buyer to walk in and feel the space in its totality. The buyer needs to enter the home and immediately feel the size of the space and be able to imagine themselves and their belongings in the space. If the space is filled with every piece of furniture, décor, etc. that often results in buyers being distracted by the current owners’ items rather than being able to see theirs. Less is really more when it comes to staging. If you stage with too much, the space will feel smaller and likely detour home buyers.

Number two: Clean like you’ve never cleaned before. I typically recommend splurging here and having a professional cleaning service come in for a deep clean. If a home buyer enters and is distracted by dirt or dust, they are not paying attention to the space itself. Let the buyer see your space at its absolute best.

Number three: de-personalize. I cannot emphasize this enough. Homebuyers need to see themselves in the space. If they are seeing photographs of your family and friends, seeing the books you read or seeing your clothing and cosmetics, they are seeing your home, not theirs. If you have a closet or storage space, this is the best place to put any of your personal belongings while showing your home to potential buyers.

As always, we would recommend hiring a Certified Interior Designer for staging projects whether it be a full stage or a consultation on how to use your own furnishings and attract buyers. RCMS Design is happy to help! The last property we staged was under contract with multiple offers over the asking price in 1 day!

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