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How can I do it all?

Hopefully, you tuned in for our first-ever Instagram "Live" on 8/25/21, but if you missed it... take a minute and watch it posted on our Instagram @rcmsdesign. Let's recap here as well.

When buying or moving to a new home, it is okay to feel stressed and overwhelmed. We talked with our guest, Taylor Merritt aka @sweatyasamother about her recent move across the country while balancing three little ones, working, and designing her new home.


  1. Take it one room at a time.

  2. Plan it out. Use inspirational magazines, websites, etc. Pinterest is a great place to start. Plan out each room, make sure your style is cohesive in the space.

  3. Make a budget! This will help you decide what you're going to buy for your space rather than purchasing every little thing you like.

  4. Be patient. The biggest stressor is thinking you will be able to make your whole home perfect immediately. Be patient, know that it's going to take time to make a house, your home.

We encourage you to use a Designer to go through your process to help ease your mind on some of the stressors but tune into Instagram to see the whole conversation yourself. It is full of tips and tricks and so much more!

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