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Furniture Flipping

We recently posted a furniture flip on our social media accounts. That has inspired a brief "How To" for our followers. We must first note that there is no one way to flip furniture. Now let's talk about why it's beneficial to flip furniture. The possibilities are endless so you can truly create a piece that you like rather than settling for something you bought in a store. It is a cheaper option than buying new. You can reuse a piece that you have already, found inexpensive in a garage sale, or maybe that was passed down to you. Really so many benefits but how do you do it?

Each piece of furniture is different but for starters, what piece of furniture do you have and how do you want to reuse it? Maybe it's a dresser but you want to make it usable as a changing table. Maybe it's a TV stand but you'd like to make it a credenza for an office. Maybe it's an old bookcase that you want to make for your children's toy storage. Once you know the end goal you have to decide the style and finishes you are going for. Perhaps it will need paint, new hardware, some removal of pieces or additional pieces might need to be added on. Purchase those things and then the DIY starts.

For the furniture we posted on our social media this week let's walk through the process. This was a 4 piece bedroom set that was handed down to me by my parents. (It was actually one of their wedding gifts 41+ years ago!) Luckily, I wanted to use it as a bedroom set again so I didn't have to get super creative about changing the bones for different use. Then I decided on a style. I wanted to take it from traditional oak to a more modern and sleek look. Like a lot of my home, I was thinking of going with a black gloss finish and then I needed to decide on hardware. That was a tough choice as there are so many options out there. I always recommend to clients start simple. Look at your local hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. Maybe check out some Pinterest boards to get ideas. Then you can search websites such as I found the gold ones we used on!

We removed the previous hardware and began the stripping process. We didn't want to deal with all the dust that sanding makes so we used our go-to, Liquid Sandpaper. You simply pour this liquid on a rag and wipe it in circular motions all over the furniture. This Liquid sandpaper is extremely helpful on laminates and plastic options more so than natural woods but can be used on many various pieces. We used 2 coats not to strip down the set to its bones but to strip the topcoat of stain and any dirt or residue from the last 41+ years. Once this dried we used a small roller (2" to be exact) and an angled trim paintbrush to brush on the gloss black cabinet paint from Rustoleum. We used 2 coats and came back in 1 last time for touch-ups. Always make sure to focus on corners or detail areas of your furniture. Also, make sure to check the items in various lighting, daytime/nighttime light will show different areas you missed! Let this dry completely! We always recommend a fan or windows open to let a constant flow of air on the pieces to make them dry quicker. Then attach the hardware, restyle the decor on the units, and boom! Done and you have modern pieces that look like new for very little $. This flip cost less than $75 for all 4 pieces and we will have it for decades to come.

We hope this helps some of you on your next flip and always remember, we are only one call or message away if you need help! Good luck with your next project!

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