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You asked, I answer.

For this month's blog, I wanted to do a little Q&A. We often receive questions through social media, emails, and in-person. I figured I'd follow the old motto we were all told in our grade school days, "there are no stupid questions and if you were thinking it, so was someone else."

Question 1: Are you able to come to our home even with COVID?

This has been a very popular question since the pandemic hit last spring. The answer was no for quite some time but since the vaccinations were released I am comfortable going to homes and am happy to wear a mask and socially distance if it makes my clients more comfortable. I am double vaccinated and always ask my clients when scheduling an appointment if they are, and what their comfort level is. All CDC guidelines have been followed and will continue to be followed for the safety of our clients and ourselves.

Question 2: How did you start and is this a passion of yours or just something you tend to be good at?

Yes, this is my passion! I am glad people think I am good at it because I love doing it. I shared in my first blog how I got started following my mom through stores and soaking up as much information as I could from her and that still remains true. I just love that I can take something that I enjoy so much and also help people. Walking into a first client meeting and hearing the questions/concerns/dreams, and then finishing a project with a client happy is what makes me keep going!

Question 3: Do you outsource your marketing and social media?

I get this question pretty often actually and the answer is no, I do it all. I was a marketing major in college and although that doesn't teach you how to necessarily do social media marketing and build a brand from scratch, it got me started on the right foot. I have to give a shout-out to @38thstreetstudios which is my husband's business. They did all of my branding and logo design which really set the stage for my marketing. (Plug: they do websites, apps, marketing, social media, etc!) Then from there, I have been teaching myself by reading how-to's, watching videos, etc. Other than that, I just wing it. I think about what I would want to know from a Designer, what questions I get a lot, what inspires me, and so much more. Hopefully, this question is because my followers enjoy my social media content!

Question 4: Which is your favorite, designing a home/room or staging?

I don't have a favorite. I like designing from scratch, designing with what clients already have and adding to it, and doing staging consultations. All let my creative side out and all are equally as important to my clients.

Question 5: What is your favorite room to design?

I have 2 favorites. Bedrooms and an entertaining area. Bedrooms because I think that's the most personal room in a home. If it's a little kids' bedroom, you get to pick their favorite color or add a theme that they love. And entertaining areas can mean multiple rooms but I love to be able to envision the owners hosting guests and having a great time in their home in this particular space. Maybe it's a celebration of a new child or an engagement, maybe it's a place to gather for the holidays but either way it touches more than just the owners themselves.

Keep the questions rolling in and I'll keep answering! Thanks for reading and don't forget to reach out with your next design project needs!

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