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Room Transitioning

A common question we often receive is how to make a room transition with the needs of your family. The biggest example is a nursery or child's room into a teen's room or more recent a common space into a work-from-home office. We wanted to dedicate this blog as a simple how-to for just that, room transitioning tips and tricks.

The first step to transitioning a room is to look at what the room is currently used for and compare that to what it needs to be used for. For example, a child's room is used for playing, dressing, and sleeping. But a teen's room may be more of an oasis for them. They might listen to music, do their homework, read, etc. How can you make that oasis from the little kid's room it is currently?

The second step to transitioning a room well is to figure out if any furnishings in the space can be reused. Whether this is reused as they are or perhaps a fun DIY to make them work in the new space without breaking the bank. A good example of this is a dresser or desk. Perhaps your young child had a dresser for toy storage and even before that, perhaps diapers and wipe. Now ask yourself can this dresser be repurposed for my teen? This might look like new hardware and a coat of paint to be used as a clothes dresser. This might look like the removal of the middle storage and turn into a desk or a place for their music storage.

The third step to transitioning a room is to think long-term. You want the space to fit the current needs you have for it without making your future needs impossible in the space. A great example we have all seen a lot of lately is turning common space into an at-home office space during this recent pandemic and the changing lifestyles we have all experienced. For instance, if you choose to turn your dining room into an at-home office, make sure that when you no longer need an at-home office you are able to turn it back into a dining room. This is also important for resale purposes. You don't want to chase away potential buyers because your rooms are no longer functional in a "traditional" way. Think long term before making structural changes to a space.

With those three steps, the help of an Interior Designer, and a little creativity, your space can transition into whatever your family needs next. Contact us today for more tips and tricks!

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