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Finding your Style Preference

What is your style preference? This is a question that as Designers, we always ask our clients. Every once in a while, I get a client that knows, without a doubt, that they want a specific style. However, I also might encounter a client who has no idea what style they like or want in their space. I also have seen a mix of both. Both? Yes, both! I have had clients ask for Modern for example but when looking through samples or images they, in fact, might be leaning towards mid-century modern or even contemporary. I’m here to tell you that, that is ok!

When you hire an Interior Designer, we are here to help you make those decisions. My first suggestion to my clients is always to start with pictures. Let’s flip through a magazine together or scroll through a website. Do you see things that you like? Do you love certain pieces? Maybe certain textures, colors, or materials. Starting there will lead to your style preference. Let's take this example. I have attached two pictures of two very different kitchens. One is very contemporary and the other is farmhouse. That’s ok, your designer should be able to use elements from each to make one cohesive design that you like.

I am also here to tell you that it is OK to have more than one style in your home. Maybe the main living areas of your home tend to be more Contemporary but when it comes to your sleeping areas you prefer a little more farmhouse to cozy the space up. That is ok, as long as they are tied together properly. It is also ok to have pieces or items in one space that are different styles. Maybe it’s a traditional piece of furniture and some more modern décor pieces. A Designer can help make those two work as one and have a seamless transition.

So, cheers to finding the style that fits you and your space. Cheers to not being afraid to start from scratch to find that style preference and cheers to hiring a Certified Interior Designer, hopefully from RCMS Design, to make those preferences into a reality.


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